In the long-run

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In the long-run, everything becomes fond memories.
It’s one of my favorite mantras. In the long-run.
Sometimes bad things happen to us. It’s just how the universe works. Shit happens.

You get food poisoning while you are having a vacation in Hawaii.
The love of my life dumps me.
I break my arm.

Later, we don’t really remember how painful it was nor how devastated we were. Rather, we just smile and think it as a part of our valuable memories.

Haha that food poisoning was definitely the worst one.’
Haha she was such an angel. I was not ready for commitment. I was stupid 🤦‍♂️ ‘

We never know what’s waiting for us around the corner. After the worst breakup, we might end up with a better person. Or maybe we will never find significant other again and die alone. I so much like about this fact.

Life just goes on. As times goes by everything will turn into good memories. It makes me appreciate more happy moments and remain positive during my worst times.

“This shall pass too and even this will make me smile and happy later. Yes, in the long-run.