What being different means

2 minute read

I like to spend time with my loved one. The people who I feel comfortable with, I can respect. That’s where my happiness comes from - meaningful relationships. When I meet people, with high probability, I could tell if we would hit it off or not. Luckily enough, I’ve made some great friends who inspire me, help me have a better life. I’m happy about it and sincerely feel grateful to them.

On the other hand, it means that I don’t spend much time with people who have different personalities. And I didn’t feel like I was missing things. Like I’ve said I’m pretty happy now and I love spending quality time with my people. I rarely look back and worry about what am I missing.

Recently, I had a hard time understanding some of my closest friends. I thought we have many similarities but at the same time, we were so different. Sometimes it was extremely hard to understand what’s going on. ‘Why he/she is doing this thing in that way?’ ‘I thought we are doing great but seems like it’s not. What should I do? Should I tell him/her?’

Today my friend sent me a video - A Key & Peele Comedy sketch . After watching the video, I felt really refreshed. I could see how I was dealing with ‘being different’. I’ve been understanding people in my way. a) he/she does A b) I guess he/she does A cause he/she thinks in ‘A’ way. c-1) well that’s great. I’m happy. c-2) well that’s bad(or even stupid.) he/she ‘Shouldn’t’ do that. For sure, we see the world through our very own eyes and views. And I try hard to have strong opinions on pretty much everything. (not everything, the things relevant to me) So it leads me to think like ‘In this situation, you should act like A not B.’

Now I see we CAN think differently and there’s nothing wrong about it. Of course, I’m not Hitler or some psychopath I didn’t think explicitly that ‘you have to follow my opinions.’ But that was inside me. ‘People would think and act this way. (Cause I think this way. I belive that’s the right way to do.)’ And I feel so stupid and sorry.

People do things differently, think differently with different reasonings. And that should be respected. I thought I was respecting others’ opinions. It turned out I was not. Now I kinda know what ‘being different’ means. Or at least I will be trying to understand how it works. Hope it would go well. Thanks to my beautiful friends, now I have a chance to be a better person. I appreciate it.